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e-Commerce Data Management and Website Maintenance Service

Companies I managed ChannelAdvisor or SureDone account & Online Stores:
2018-2022 – CreativeMotoring
2011-2018 – UniqueAutoDepot
Build and manage Websites, Data, eBay, AMAZON, Walmart accounts via ChannelAdvisor (CA) and SureDone (SD) accounts, and help in the day to day operations of ChannelAdvisor (CA) and SureDone (SD) accounts.
Full management of ChannelAdvisor (CA) and SureDone (SD) :
– setting up marketplace accounts ( eBay, AMAZON, Walmart, etc)
– writing business rules for price, inventory and any other data management;
– building up: import templates, lookup lists, automated imports
– creating eBay product page templates etc.
– setting up Multi Distribution Centers
– and anything else needs to be managed via CA, or SD.
 Areas of Expertise:

1. eBay / AMAZON Store Management
Professional management of ChannelAdvisor, SureDone, eBay, Amazon Accounts

2. Shopify, Opencart, WordPress, eBay Store Templates, Mailchimp Templates
E-commerce, Front-End, Back-End, Integration

3. Web Design
Pixel perfect on every device. Desktop, phone, horizontal, vertical. Apple and Android.

4. Web Development
Converting custom designed websites, applications into functional, revenue-generating business models.

5. Data
Worked with DCI ( Catalograck) & SEMA Data-Co-Op data ( ACES/PIES). Sufficient in Excel.
Recent Projects Completed:
– ( Shopify)
– ( WordPress )
– ( WordPress )
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